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Thread: qtp test harness

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    Arrow qtp test harness

    Are test harness & test driver same?
    If not what is the difference

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    Re: qtp test harness

    Test Driver A software module or application used to invoke a test item and, often, provide test inputs (data), control and monitor execution. A test driver automates the execution of test procedures.It also often used to report the actual results over an application during execution.We had a vbSript version of it for our automation project..using QTP 9.1

    Test Harness A system of test drivers and other tools to support test execution. In our project we called it Intiator and placed it on desktop as a vbs file and using excel objects double clicking it executed all tests controlling the drivers of Tests stored in QTP. Addtionally It reported the test cases as fail/pass comparing actual and expected results.

    Test Procedure
    . A document, providing detailed instructions for the [manual] execution of one or more test cases. Often called - a manual test script.

    Hope this helps.

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