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Thread: Numbering Convention

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    Numbering Convention

    What kind of numbering convention are you currently using at your shop? I was just curious because I have been asked to come up with one and I have devised something simple:

    For Requirements:
    RQ1000 (Parent 1)
    - RQ1001 (Child)
    - RQ1002 (Child)

    RQ2000 (Parent 2)
    - RQ2001 (Child)
    - RQ2002 (Child)
    ... and so on ...

    For Test Cases:
    TC01001 .. and so on ... (for Parent 1 and its lower hierarchy)
    TC02001 .. and so on ... (for Parent 2 and its lower hierarchy)

    How do you guys do it?

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    Re: Numbering Convention

    Hi Anshoo,

    We also follow numbering in same kind of way but slightly in a different manner.

    Here we divided the Requirements into three categories - 1. Business requirements, 2. Technical Requirements and 3. System Changes.

    Following are numbering for the requirements:
    For Business Requirements:
    BR0002 ... and so on ...

    For System Changes
    SC0002... and so on ...

    Same is the case for Technical Requirement also.

    For Test cases numbering we follow almost the same as you have mentioned.


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    Re: Numbering Convention

    Thanks for your input Ganesan. This was one of those out of curiosity questions. We are looking to improve the numbering convention at our shop and we've had several discussions on it so I wanted to know what other types of conventions are being used in other shops.

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    Re: Numbering Convention

    Hi Anshoo,

    This is really a good question, i think we can expect lot of inputs from other members also...


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