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Thread: Type of script used in Silk test

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    Type of script used in Silk test

    What type of script does silktest use (for ex: QTP follows vb script)

    Hi all,
    Any one please tell me that what type of script followed in silk test
    as we use vbscript in QTP and TSL in winrunner.

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    Re: Type of script used in Silk test


    SilkTest a tool provided by Segue uses 4Test Scripting langauge.

    It is an Object Oriented Language similar to C++, Java and comprises of Creating Classes and Objects. It also enables Inheritance where you can call methods declared in Parent Class as part of Child class.

    SilkTest identifies controls of AUT as Objects and their associated properties and attributes.

    A test script is stored as Test.t, suite of scripts is stored as Test.pln and Result files are with extension .res.

    It also has inbuilt Recovery Scenarios to handle Unattended Execution as in QTP. You could find more info on the web.


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    Re: Type of script used in Silk test

    SilkTest uses the proprietary 4Test language for automation scripting. It is an object oriented language similar to C++. It uses the concepts of classes, objects, and inheritance. If you are familiar with C or C++ then it is very easier to write automated scripts in Silk Test. Silk Test is the product of Segue Software which was acquired by Borland

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