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Thread: prepare intership resume...

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    prepare intership resume...

    hi,i am a management student,persuing mba right after my graduation so i dont have work experience.... my specialisation is marketing and retail. problem is that my cv is not short listing for any company so i want to have some suggetions regarding my cv(how to up date it),and aswell as forfurther gd and interview.
    I am sending my cv please have a look in it and suggest me that what amendment are required.


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    Re: prepare intership resume...


    One suggestion on the first view.

    Remove the Work Experience header stating NIL from your resume. You need not highlight that you are a fresher having zero years of experience.

    You could maybe put it further down stating you are a Fresher rather than stating NIL.

    Also, please try to give a concise description of the Projects you have undertaken. Need not be a detailed description but should atleast cover as to what the Project was, what were your responsibilities etc.

    Keep your Achievements section after this Project Details section.

    Being a part of the Placement commitee during my MBA, I can assure you that for Summer Internships companies do not pick only experience but the overall ability to present yourself through your resume.

    Dont Worry, your resume would get shortlisted pretty soon.


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