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Thread: Scenario for using Check point

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    Scenario for using Check point

    What is the purpose of check point? CP is used to compare the expected behaviour with actual behaviour. but In which scenario and where we use Check point?

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    Re: Scenario for using Check point

    Check point is used to compare the expected results with the actual result of the functionality.

    Take this scenario for example, a user name text box in the log in window has the following constraints
    - should accept only the names more than 6 characters
    - the starting character should only be alphabet
    - special characters other than - or _ should not be included in the user name

    Here you can introduce check points for all the above mentioned constraints. One check point should check whether the user name is more than 6 characters else returns fail, for the starting character as alphabet and no special characters are allowed other than the one mentioned in the requirement.

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    Re: Scenario for using Check point


    Checkpoints basically are used to compare the actual result or Property of an Object at runtime with that of an already stored Baseline or Expected value.

    We have various types of checkpoints like.
    • Text Checkpoints
    • BitMap checkpoints
    • Database checkpoints
    • XML Checkpoints
    • Standard Checkpoints

    Scenarios Using checkpoints.

    Image BitMap Checkpoint - Incase we are trying to work with a bitmap image located on a webpage. We would have recorded the image co-ordinates or Image location during scripting. While Playback we need to ascertain whether the Image exists at the specified location or whether it actually appears or not.

    Database Checkpoint - A DB Checkpoint is used to check if actual connection to DB is established and whether we are able to retrieve records.

    Text Checkpoint - Incase we wish to verify the text displayed within a specified field or a particular area, we could use Text Checkpoint or TextArea Checkpoint. We could also verify that after a particular operation, whether the field name or label changes.
    You can correlate Text checkpoint to the examples stated by Sridhar.

    We have various other checkpoints. I guess you would be able to arrive at ideas of using them in different scenarios based on the above instances.


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