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Thread: Tools apart from WinRunner and QTP

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    Tools apart from WinRunner and QTP

    I would like to know the important tools apart from WinRunner and QTP for functional testing.

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    Re: Tools apart from WinRunner and QTP


    There are quite a lot of tools available for doing Functionality testing other than WinRunner and QTP. Both these tools are product of Mercury HP.

    Some of the popular tools for functionality testing are Rational Robot product of IBM, Silk Test product of Borland.

    There are also lot of open source testing tools used for functionality. You can check this Link for details.


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    Re: Tools apart from WinRunner and QTP

    If you are taking the open source route the best bet for you would be selenium (Especially Selenium 2.0/WebDriver).


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    Re: Tools apart from WinRunner and QTP

    Microsoft has released complete testing tool (Functional, load testing, bug tracking tool, unit testing) with Visual studio 2010.
    It is very nice tool to manage your requirement , to create and execute test cases.

    If you are willing to learn more about the tool then you can go to MSDN site, you will find tons of information related to it.


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