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Thread: Resume for 2 years exp

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    Resume for 2 years exp

    How many projects to present in resume for 2 years exp

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    Re: Resume for 2 years exp

    Hi Bhanu Prakash ,

    Present only the projects which you have worked in your Resume. It is not like that the number of projects will vary based on the experience in all the cases. There may also be only one project you would have worked in for all these two years, if the project is very huge and complex. In some cases you would also worked in three to four projects. So, it is safe to put only the project you have worked. If you have only one or two projects worked you can include the academic project which you have done. But the Employer will look into the Live projects only and the current project which you are involved.


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    Quote Originally Posted by G. Bhanu Prakash View Post
    How many projects to present in resume for 2 years exp

    I'm not sure what project you have meant either College Final Year Project, or, Client Project (Present & Past Companies)... As per my knowledge note that if you have 2 years of experience you no need to update the College Project in your Resume. You can update the Client Project as much as you as you worked on...

    Satish KP

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    Re: Resume for 2 years exp

    hi friend..

    As per my view the projects you have done and how you present it during the interview matters a lot..


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    Re: Resume for 2 years exp


    It depends upon how many projects you have completed.


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