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Thread: CLeared SCJP1.5 with 93 %

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    CLeared SCJP1.5 with 93 %

    DI took my SCJP 1.5 exam on monday, and i am really happy to tell
    you guys that i have secured 93%.

    I would like to share my experience.
    The exam wasnot that tough and was 210 min long.Yes i.e 3.1/2 hrs
    and its more than enough.I completed it in 2hrs and 30 min.
    Dont leave any chapters.
    To clear the exam i will STRONGLY recommend all of you to follow K&B
    book.Read the book well.Try to understand the topics.Do the self
    tests properly , which will surely help you since it will clear your

    Most important is that you revise topics which are quite tough ,
    probably i felt Generics,Collections and threads as the toughest
    topics.So i revised these chapters atleast 5-6 times until i was
    very clear.

    I will also recommend you to write some programs specially for
    Collections(Hashmap, hashset),Thread etc For example i was confused
    about how hashCode() and equals() work.What i did was i wrote few
    codes related to them and then tried to understand the flow.It
    really helped.
    Other chapters i revised 2- 3 times.But anywhere you are stuck, just
    try to write code related to it.
    As far as mock tests are concerned, i feel any mock test is fine.

    I think you need to prepare Thread,I/O and Generics very well as you
    will find quite a number of drag and drop questions on these topics.
    Best of luck guys.....


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    Re: CLeared SCJP1.5 with 93 %

    Hi... First of all i would like to congrats you... I want to write a SCJP tests. What are the levels available in SCJP test, and what's the prodedure to take up the tests.. I'm studying Java & J2EE now

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