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Thread: How many Lines of Code you have written

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    How many Lines of Code you have written

    Why Interviewer asks How many Lines of Code you have written in your current working project.

    Actually what they wanted to know from this question and what we have to answer

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    Re: How many Lines of Code you have written


    The reason behind asking this question is to understand whether you have actually done coding or only worked on adding patches to existing code - Maintenance part.

    Incase a person has actually worked on say 2 modules of an application involving 3-4 functionalities, he would definitely be able to summarize roughly saying he worked on n number of KLOC for a particular functionality.

    The interviewer would also look at your ability for Code optimization.

    You can always give the interviewer a rough estimate of the number of LOC you have actually done. You could also highlight any particular coding method / Standard used.



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