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Thread: Doubt with Generics(Urgent)

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    Doubt with Generics(Urgent)

    I have confusion with below code...

    which of them are valid inserts?
    class Parent<E>
    public E get() { return null;}
    public void set(E e) { }
    class Child extends Parent<Number>
    //insert here

    options given to insert are

    a public Object get() { ... }
    b public Long get() { ... }
    c public void set(Object arg) { ... }
    d public void set(Long arg) { ... }
    e public Number get() { ... }

    and ans is b,d,e.Iam fine with it.

    But i have confusion with option c.Why "option c" is wrong?In option c,
    we hava "Object arg" as argument, so isn't it a valid overloading example?

    see here their is a statement in above code "class child extends Parent<Number> ".
    set(E e) of Parent class should be "set(Number e), "

    and in child class if we have option c, which is set(Object e), then what is wrong in it?Wont it be a vaild overloading example.

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    Re: Doubt with Generics(Urgent)

    I am a new member to the forum.
    I think this is possible in java 1.5 but for the previous versions it is not possible.

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    Re: Doubt with Generics(Urgent)

    yes, previous version is not suitable for overloading classes in the collection frame work. overloading can be done throw constructor call only. interfaces provides constructor call

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