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Thread: Fresher with Experienced

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    Fresher with Experienced

    If a fresher attends a interview and in the interview the interviewer questions as how come a fresher would be useful to the company than a experienced person? How to answer such questions? Kindly provide your experiences and tips for answering such questions?

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    Re: Fresher with Experienced

    The person must focus his or her abilities to the interviewer by stating examples of his or achievement so far in studies or extra curricular activities. They can then conclude by saying that till that moment they have proved themselves and would definitely do their best which would benefit the company.

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    Re: Fresher with Experienced


    u should say that fresher being new will be more excited about the work.
    How would induce more spirit in the team.He can enjoy his work more,but an experienced person may be bit bored by work.So he wont be that enthusiastic.
    Also there are more chances that fresher will give more than 100% since he would like to gain as much knowledge as possible from his first work.



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