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Thread: web_testing basics

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    web_testing basics


    I am new to webtesting. I would like to understand the basic concepts of web testing and would like to knwo any online resources available. if anyone knows please let me know.


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    Re: web_testing basics

    you are new in web testing or you are new in testing?

    If you are new in testing then you have to learn so many things, and if yu are new to web testing then you have to learn some web tech to test them better.I will comment more only after your reply.

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    Re: web_testing basics

    I am not a core security guy to answer this question, but still I will try to express my opinion about it.

    When you find something in the URL as, it normally depicts the "action" part of the HTML form i.e. a program (server-side or client side), to which the form data is submitted.

    Let's take a practical example. Following is the URL of Registration page of Cisco website:

    You can find the method .do extension above and it depicts the register method to which the form data will be submitted, when you click the Submit button at the end.

    Just showing this method in the URL may not be a security issue (although I understand that it gives the information that there is a program with the name register on the server/client side). I am not sure if one can really hide it in the URL, but to achieve the purpose, you will have to disable the "ViewSource" option also via some scripting (like JavaScript), so that Right Click is not enabled on the page or that the source that one sees does not contain the actual HTML.

    In simple terms if I see the source of the Cisco Reigtration page by right clicking and then clicking "View Source", somewhere in the code I get:

    Now if you carefully see, the action attribute of the form tells you what exactly gets appended to base URL to get the final one as:

    So, the HTML source code also tells where the request will go once the Submit button is clicked.

    I hope I answered your question or atleast gave something to think further about.

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    How to test a web site?

    Can any one Explain me how to test a web site??

    Plz reply me it is urgent.

    Thanku in advance

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    Re: How to test a web site?

    Hi Nisha,

    Testing a website would cover the following on a broader aspect -

    • - Functionality testing
    • - User Interface testing
    • - Security testing
    • - Compatability testing
    • - Load testing
    • - Usability Testing

    In terms of Functional testing, we would be checking the functionality of the website as per SRS mapped testcases. We would also carry out adhoc testing to verify any broken links, whether all links are working correctly etc.

    User Interface testing would consist of checking Cosmetic changes to User Interface in terms of Page Layout, Background Color, Image positioning etc.

    We could also try to Load test a website on a high level without using any tools. You can try to simultaneously log in with multiple users and carry out a particular functionality. Load testing can be actually carried out using tools like Loadrunner and simulating users.


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    Re: How to test a web site?

    SRS mapped testcases.

    What exactly are these? Not heard that terminology before. Thanks.

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    Re: web_testing basics


    Please find this link

    STSC old articles (in frames)

    This link gives you the detailed description of SRS mapped diagram


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