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Thread: Test Scenario

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    Test Scenario

    Test Scenario

    Answer: Hi, im Perumal n new to Testing. Can anyone tell about
    1) What is Test Scenario?
    2) How to write Test Scenarios?
    3) Can anyone send a sample test scenarios?

    Thanks / Regards

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    Re: Test Scenario

    Scenario directives effect the way in which the simple elements are processed by the test case controller. A directive may have the simple element attached to it, or alternatively if an element is not attached to it subsequent elements will be processed within the scope of the directive until a matching end directive is reached.

    List of scenario directives:

    repeat Process elements a specified number of times
    timed_loop Process elements for a specified period of time
    random Process a test case selected at random from a list
    parallel Process elements in parallel
    remote Process test cases on remote systems
    distributed Process distributed test cases
    include Process elements listed in an include file


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    Re: Test Scenario

    Hi Perumal,

    Welcome to the world of Testing!! and you have asked some good questions. Find below the answers:

    1) What is Test Scenario?
    A test scenario is a flow of activity that is identified from the Specifications or requirements. Suppose if you are given the specification document under which the applicaiton is going to be build, you have to identify the test scenario from which the test cases will be prepared.

    2) How to write Test Scenarios?
    Test scenarios will describe how the applicaiton will be tested. It will have the necessary condition under which the testing has to be done.

    3) Can anyone send a sample test scenarios?
    Some of the sample scenarios are
    i. Booking of ticket in railway reservation of applicaiton
    ii. Cancellation of tickets
    iii. checking the availability of tickets

    For these scenarios the test cases should be built such that all the necessary conditions are satisfied in order to achieve the scenario.


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