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Thread: Copy weblist items

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    Copy weblist items

    How can I copy the items form weblist to a txt file

    I want to record all the items in the weblist to a text file how can I do it. can any one help....

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    Smile Re: Copy weblist items

    Hi Rohini,

    I am not sure in which automation tool are you looking at achieving this. Anyways, below is a simple VbScript code that should work in almost all autmation tools ( With a bit of tweaking in terms of syntax alone). Keep the entire thing in a singlel function

    Let us assume the weblist object name is Weblist1

    ---Getting the Weblist items into a Array-----------

    dim iCount
    dim vArr()
    dim i

    iCount = Weblist1.getItemCount()

    for i = 0 to iCount
    vArr(i) = Weblist1.getItem(i)

    NOTE : incase output of Array is required, put in a msgbox(vArr(i).toString)

    -----Writing output of Array to a notepad file-------
    dim strFilePath
    dim fObject
    dim wFileWrite

    strFilePath = "C:\Working\Output.txt"
    set fObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    set wFileWrite = fObject.CreateTextFile(strFilePath,true)



    NOTE : It is possible sometimes that 'wFileWrite.writeline(vArr())' could fail. Incase it does so, try using a loop -

    for i = 0 to vArr().UBound

    Do let me know incase of any issues....


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    Re: Copy weblist items

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