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Thread: Learn Something New Everyday

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    Learn Something New Everyday

    Dear members

    Learning is a lifelong journey, keeping in mind how important it is to keep abreast with information and knowledge, we have started new section which will help you learn something new each and everyday, for the start we are publishing data warehouse concepts series of tutorials. This new section will also hoist other series of tutorials in the days to come.

    Data Warehouse Concepts

    We have strived to provide you with helpful as well as resourceful knowledge. You are all welcome to keep yourself updated by learning something new each and everyday at Besides, just like always, we want to give you all an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, if you too are interested to be a part of "learn something new everyday" section series, you can submit your articles to along with your username and short profile.

    Happy learning
    Learn something new everyday

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    Re: Learn Something New Everyday

    Thanx for the initiative. It is a nice way of shairing our knowledge and experience. I woild like to contribute to the Oracle and Visula Basic articles sections.

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    This is a wonderful initiative. It is certain that most of the people are going to benefit out of it. You can keep me in touch for any articles towards Testing, so that I can also be one contributing for this very good move.

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