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Thread: Web Browsers

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    Web Browsers

    Apart from the regular web browsers like Netscape can someone provide me the list of web browsers included with Open Linux?

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    Re: Web Browsers

    There is a webbrowser called as Epiphany which used mozilla layout engine and is supported by most linux distributions.Firefox is another one supported by Linux.Mozilla is an Open Source Web browser .Opera Web browser for Linux include Unicode support.

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    Re: Web Browsers

    Amaya is a Web browser as well as a Web editor
    Emacs W3-mode is a full-featured web browser
    Epiphany (meaning "an intuitive grasp of reality through something simple and striking")
    firefox The most popular open source web browser
    Galeon is a GNOME web browser based on gecko (mozilla rendering engine)
    The HotJava Browser
    Konqueror is a full-featured Web browser
    Lynx is a text based web browser.
    Mozilla is an open-source web browser
    The latest version of Netscape is certified and supported on Red Hat Linux.
    Opera browser
    WebCon is a simple Web console tool

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