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Thread: PHP Common functions..

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    Smile PHP Common functions..

    Can anyone help me to give some examples of php common functions which can be reused in our projects like phpmailer funtion, etc??
    Thankz in Advance....

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    Re: PHP Common functions..

    you can ve your database connections, validation functions, Log file creation etc., in common functions.

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    Re: PHP Common functions..

    You should write those function in common_functions file which are common to your project.

    Suggestion: Don't keep you database/validation function in this file - This will mess with your functionality road-ahead.

    1. Login script
    2.Validate logins
    3.reports oriented queries as they are required now an then.
    and many more which you can better jugde based on your projects

    1.create log
    2.update log
    3.archive logs


    check session expire - This will be used everywhere so you can add it in common_functions

    session creation code should be in your constant defining file not in common function file.


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    Re: PHP Common functions..

    I Think pritz is right, But i will also add some more point, if you project have some same grid than you can make one common function for that & put them in the common file.

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    Re: PHP Common functions..

    There are no such this as common functions, its vary project to project. Any function used more than once can be a common funtion. So you can declare most used funtions in your project to a common file

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