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Thread: Wish to switch over to IT

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    Lightbulb Wish to switch over to IT

    Hii everybody

    I finished B.E mech and for the past 3 years I am working in production line

    Now I am interested in switching over my career to IT.

    Is it possible.

    If it is possible whether i want to do any software course or I heard that there is some IT company who is hiring mech students for testing and all,If it is true kindly give me the details

    For testing whether i need to do any course since I am not having exp in testing

    Kindly help me I was totally confused

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    Re: Wish to switch over to IT

    ya i am be cse students my neibhour joined in tcs company

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    Re: Wish to switch over to IT

    Its always better to stick to your core line as you are already into that. Once you decide to switch , you need to start from scratch. Only joining any course is not sufficent for that. You need to master teh trade to get job in some good companies.

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    Re: Wish to switch over to IT

    ya thats fine , but i just want to know why u want to change ur field after having three year experience in core company?

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    Re: Wish to switch over to IT

    u can fulfill ur urge by joining design company ... learn any design software and join design company... there are a plenty of companies...

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