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Thread: Selenium Automation tool

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    Selenium Automation tool

    What is Selenium Automation tool?
    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using this tool?
    What is the preocedure to use the tool on the Application?
    Can anybody provide me the Automation POC for Selenium?

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    Smile Re: Selenium Automation tool

    Hi Sandeep,

    Selenium is at present the most powerful Open Source Automation tool available. It is based on java scripting to a large extent.
    It is more suited for the agile methodology of coding and testing.

    I mean Open Source because, the code if Selenium tool itself is available for an User to customize as per requirement.

    The biggest advantage is that since it is an OpenSource tool, there are no Licensing costs associated with it and it can be customized as per user request.
    Disadvantage would beb we cannot be assured of any add-ins which would be required if Selenium fails to recognize objects. Also Support provided for Selenuim would be very less ( Incase of QTP, Mercury provides standard solutions and supports to issues).

    As regards POC using Selenium, you would have to download the tool and try to play around with a test application. Sending across Selenium scripts cannot be possible.


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    Re: Selenium Automation tool

    What is the procedure to use the Application?

    i install ide n it working fine with simple click n write and den stop.

    where to write java script.
    how to run it.
    how can i use application where username and password is considered.

    where to customize the page.

    plz reply


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    Re: Selenium Automation tool


    My web application is built in Silverlight technology and hence the URL is static. It never changes right from user login till logout. I am not able to use Selenium for this requirement. Can someone provide a solution to use Selenium for static url application.

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