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Thread: ways of error log in Maui

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    ways of error log in Maui

    hi ,
    i know only one way of logging errors with Maui is logManger which is inbuild class comes with Maui library.
    please let me know if there is another way of logging error without use of logManager?


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    Re: ways of error log in Maui

    Using Maui Logs for Troubleshooting
    Maui logging is extremely useful in determining the cause of a problem. Where other systems may be cursed for not providing adequate logging to diagnose a problem, Maui may be cursed for the opposite reason. If the logging level is configured too high, huge volumes of log output may be recorded, potentially obscuring the problems in a flood of data. Intelligent searching, combined with the use of the LOGLEVEL and LOGFACILITY parameters can mine out the needed information. Key information associated with various problems is generally marked with the keywords WARNING, ALERT, or ERROR. See the Logging Overview for further information.

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