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Thread: Help in Public Speaking

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    Help in Public Speaking

    Hi friends.....I am software engineer working in a reputed IT firm....But no one will agree to that, since I do not speak at all, when I meet a group of people....I have two yrs of experience, but still I will present myself as a school kid....I am finding very difficult to speak in meetings and discussions...I feel very bad since I am not at all making a small contribution in meetings and discussions...Though I work hard, I lack confidence in public speaking.....Can any one help me out, what exactly I can do to overcome this?

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    Hi Buddy,

    Firstly dont get into a mental shell that you are not contributing in meetings and discussions. Have a positive attitude that you would slowly but surely overcome this.

    Your reluctance can be due to lack of confidence, shyness etc. Start off by learning to overcome these. I would suggest you one thing - I tried it myself.
    Stand in front of a mirror and speak a few words about any topic for a few minutes.

    Ask your family members to act as your team members. Be serious and try interacting with them. Incase that is not possible, get together a group of close friends and start off. But remember, be professional and serious. Not just friendly chat.

    You might make mistakes, be hesitant but atleast since they are your friends you wont feel bad about it. Slowly but surely, you will make progress...

    Wishing you all the Best


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    Re: Help in Public Speaking

    Try toastmasters clubs in your area

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