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    Test Director

    What is test lab and what is the use in test director? What is use of * in execution time coz it comes when the test cases is run?

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    Re: Test Director

    Hi Shivali,

    TestLab is a tab present in TestDirector. It is a component where Testcase execution is carried out.

    All testcases that have been designed / Imported into TestPlan are reflected in TestLab. We could create folder structure as per our testing strategy required. Once a folder is created, we can create TestSuites.

    We can import testcases from TestPlan into the created TestSuite and execute them.

    Based on status of execution, testcases would be updated with status such as Pass, Fail or No Run. We also record our Actual Results in TestLab tab.

    Any changes made to testcases design steps in TestLab can be automatically reflected in TestPlan as well.

    As regards the '*', could you please be more specific as to where you find this occurence. Does it occur under execution time column displayed in the Execution grid ?


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