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Thread: Provide some points

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    Provide some points

    In short give me a gist or points that one should take care of while attending an interview. Though this is a very broad topic some hints or points could help me to verify my preparation.

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    Re: Provide some points

    As you said this is a very broad topic but I have given below some of the points for your reference which you can take care of while attending an interview namely:
    Make a brief study about the company you are going to attend the interview
    You should be dresses well and make your presentation well
    You should ensure that all the needed certificates,testimonials, call letter etc.. are taken
    Make your presence to the interview venue atleast half an before the interview time.
    Be cool and answer well and the crown is yours.

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    Re: Provide some points

    According to me , for any interview, first you should be confident that you will get the job. You have the knowledge and you will be selected.

    In short...


    With regards,
    Brijesh Jain.

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    Smile Re: Provide some points

    1) Befor attending the interview, make sure the job offered matches your interest. (most of the times companies won't specify you role properly during interviews). You'll never be passionate unless the job offered exceites you enough.
    2) According to me, the decision of whether to write and interview or not more or less defines your career path. Your first job usually defines what you will be in future. Hence make sure you attend right interviews.
    3) While going for the interview as Sri mentioned, get dressed up well and present yourself as a confident person.
    4) Never ever bluff during interview. Be frank if you do not know an answer to the question asked. You can always say you didn't work on that particular area much and let them know your favourite area/ are in which you have expertise. giving a wrong answer is a sin.
    5)Never act embarassed at any point of time. You'll loose your confidence at the same time you make the interviewer loose his faith in you too.
    6) Sometimes it so happens that interviewer might offer you something. (like T, coffee, snacks etc. It actually happened to me. I was extremely sick when I entered the intrview chamber. Was in a hopeless condition barely able to speak as I had lost my voice. And they offered me coffee saying it will freshen me up! I was really surprised. now what should I do? I wieghed my options and finally told them that would be great if I could join them in Coffee. Finally I got the job, definitely not because of this coffe ) accept/decline gracefully.
    7) Sometimes it so happens that the interviewer might be wrong. Challange him politely. Never be aggressive in pointing his mistake.
    8)Be very sure of what you want to be. Don't just attend an interview just for the sake of company name/salary. Be sure of what job are they offering. You wouldn't believe how much fun it will be to attend an interview on your strong subject.
    9)May be I am repetitive, but be very choosy while writing the interview.

    If you are confident, resonably well mannered and are giving an interview on your fav area of interest I can't see how one can fail in clearing the interview.

    Did that make any sense?

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    Re: Provide some points

    Very nice discussion going around. A lot of points that I took as hints from this discussion from you all people. Thank you all.

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    Smile Re: Provide some points

    See when u enter the roomto give an interview,and when the interviewer asks u to take ur seat, then i am sure even the most confident person will be nervous and his heart beats will surely go up!What i want to tell u is that when u enter even the interviewer know that u are nervous!but the point is that u should pretend that u r confident

    Some points

    1)Try to be confident,be positive
    2) never lie to an employer(coz he can easily catch u!)
    3)whatever u have written in ur resume , u should be confident abt it.
    for eg 1 guy writes in his resume tha the knows Clanguage only, then interviewer will put up questions only on C.
    And other writes suppose C,C++,java,VB, then interviewer will ask questions on any topic and if u cannot reply thenit will give bad impression.
    First guy will be preffered!
    NOTE:U should b confident in all the topics which u have written in resume

    4)keep smile on ur face
    5)MOST imp read some HR questions , if u dont hav contact me.
    6)b confident of atleast two subjects

    I hop u r satisfied with me answer.


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