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Thread: Addin uploads only first testcase

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    Addin uploads only first testcase

    Hi, I m trying to upload multiple test cases from Excel to TD for the first time. i have installed the EXCEL add in and it works. But somehow, though i have multiple test cases in excel, the ADD-In only uploads the first test cases, the others are ignored. Can anybody help to tell me why this happens ? I have created subjects in test plan and this 1 test case is parked in the right Subject. So why the others are missing ?

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    The error would have happened due to many reasons. Check whether the following have been correctly
    1. The path mentioned in the subject should exists in the Test Director.
    2. The Test Name should not contain any special characters
    3. The columns should be correctly mapped to the column name in the quality center.
    Try uploading after rectifying the above steps it may works!!!

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