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Thread: Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

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    Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

    If 134261 is HI and 103401001738 is DEAR and 134261103401001738 is HI DEAR then what is 106113212174009905875005909886117221779?


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    Re: Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

    Hi suresh,

    I tried in a different way and got the answer...

    divide in to three digits
    134261 it is 134 and 261, then find the sum of the above digits
    134 is 8 : 8th alphabet is H
    261 is 9 : 9th alphabet is I

    so it HI

    similarly for DEAR
    103 D
    401 E
    001 A
    738 R

    So the answer is "GEEK INTERVIEW"
    106 G
    113 E
    212 E
    174 K
    009 I
    905 N
    875 T
    005 E
    909 R
    886 V
    117 I
    221 E
    779 W


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    Re: Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

    Nice Work...Keep it up...


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    Re: Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

    i too got each denotes number it appears in alphabet
    but same albhabet is denoted by two different set of numbers can u tell
    on what basis u assigned numbers

    106 g
    113 e
    212 e
    174 k
    009 i
    905 n
    875 t
    005 e
    909 r
    886 v
    117 i
    221 e
    779 w

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    Re: Hard Mathematical puzzle[3]

    There is no unique way to assign the three digit number to each letter. Here the only thing is the total of the three digit number.


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