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Thread: Script to find mode of file

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    Script to find mode of file

    After executing any script if we get one file as out put then how can we write script for to find the mode of a file whether it is a read only or not?

    How can we declare and use the 2-dimensinal array and how it is useful for testing with example kindly inform me please.

    For testing of an web application what is the scope of vb script. Shall we practice all the vbscript.

    kindly inform me as soon as possible.

    Question asked by visitor mahalaksmi

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    Re: Script to find mode of file

    here is the ans for ur Q :

    1. the mode of file is based on what you give while creating the same using file system object.
    for example:
    Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    ' 8 = for appending and True = create the file if it does not exist
    Set TextFile = FSO.OpenTextFile("c:\QTPLog.txt", 8, True)
    TextFile.Writeline strName
    same way you can use diff property for your purpose.

    2. Arrays aren't limited to a single dimension. You can have as many as 60 dimensions, although most people can't comprehend more than three or four dimensions. You can declare multiple dimensions by separating an array's size numbers in the parentheses with commas.
    In the following example, the MyTable variable is a two-dimensional array consisting of 6 rows and 11 columns:
    Dim MyArray(5, 10)
    In a two-dimensional array, the first number is always the number of rows; the second number is the number of columns.
    This can be used when you have data to store in multidimensional format like a table values and so on...

    3. You can always use VBScript whenever you want while writing your script.
    Regardless of it being a window or web based application.

    Hope this help please let me know if you have any more Q

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