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Thread: Database testing using QTP?

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    Database testing using QTP?

    If you are only doing database testing (comparing source data v/s. target data), Is QTP or any other automation tools really helpful?

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    Re: Database testing using QTP?

    Yes very much
    As you can pass the SQL Query to the function which will return you the value from the Db and then just do a comparison n print the result in the text file for that field.
    you can have then written in an excel file and then publish it as a result file.


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    Re: Database testing using QTP?

    This is the very simple way to perform the dB testing with 3 VB Script functions,

    - Expected Excel file (necessary)

    1) Submit SQL
    2) Write Output to Excel file (Actual Excel File)
    3) FileComparision (Actual Vs. Expected)


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    Re: Database testing using QTP?

    Hi DDOSHI,
    Can you plz share these functions with Code ?

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