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Thread: Resume preparation Hints

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    Resume preparation Hints

    Dear friends

    Please guide me for the following question Just i am a graduate (B.A completed in 1999 and B.Ed in 2002_2003 PGDCA IN 2003-2004 ) previously i worked as a mathematics teacher in a reputed school in Hyderabad now i am trying for testing job.

    Mainly my doubt is that am i eligible to trying for software testing job? If YES please give me some hints in preparation of RESUME and some consultancy names which are best

    Question asked by visitor lakshman

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    Re: Resume preparation Hints

    hi friend..

    have you completed any certification course or have you learnt testing through any institute if it is so then mention clearly in the resume..


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    Re: Resume preparation Hints

    Hi Friend
    I am suffer a lot when i preparaing the resuem..
    I well send some format see and prepare you self..

    No one help in you life only gide we can give to you
    remain up to you

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