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Thread: Handle exception in Rational Functional Tester

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    Handle exception in Rational Functional Tester

    Following are some of my doubts and queries regarding rational functional tester. Please help.

    1) is it possible to handle an exception in rational functional tester without using if-else or try-catch commands?

    2) if the above is true then, is it possible to view the log of an exception?

    3) is it possible to view the log of if-else or try-catch commands?

    4) i was able to define a notepad as a script helper base class and to print the failed data in the notepad (directly from the datapool as the script progresses).

    Is it a good option to use this option in all the scripts? 5) is there any option to synchronize instead of using sleep or wait commands?

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    Re: Handle exception in Rational Functional Tester

    You can create the data structures from within Rational Administrator, or you can select existing data structures, with the exception of Rational Rose model files. Rational Rose model files can only be added, not created, from inside the Rational Administrator.

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