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Thread: Problem in Test Lab module

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    Problem in Test Lab module

    Hi all

    I am having problem in Test Lab module when I try to add test to test set by dragging it or by clicking on the icon ( add test to testset) nothing is happening. My sql server is also running and everything looks good. And one more thing in test plan module I'm able to expand my folder can see the created test but in test lab tab I 'm not abling to expand and see my created test.

    Can any one help me out in this.I have TD 7.6Thanks

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    I think this error would have happenned because, you would not have refreshed the Test case pane in the Test Lab module. If you have not refreshed the test cases written by others in the Test plan would not have displayed in the Test Lab module. Or try to map the test case in the test lab after closing the Test Director and reopen again.

    Any how, i am not sure, this may be one of the reasons.

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    Re: Problem in Test Lab module

    What is Test Lab in Test director ?what is the meaning in * in test director after execution

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    Re: Problem in Test Lab module

    Hi prashantch,
    May be you have selected a folder in TestLab module.You create a TestSet and then click on the option Select Tests.Then we can get the updated TestPlan Tree.Then you can drag & drop the tests in to a testset.I hope this may be one of the reason.
    Please get back to me once the issue gets solved or still in pending...i can try


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