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Thread: How to prepare best resume

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    How to prepare best resume

    I am learning Oracle9i, 10g, 11i. I am not have any experence. I had completed my BTech. How to prepare best resume. Pls suggest and some sample resume.

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    Re: How to prepare best resume

    hi friend..

    please hit google and select the best format which you like


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    Re: How to prepare best resume

    Hi Friends

    How to Prepare best resume..
    I will tell that is not best and wast resume you present you resume what you know and main thing is how you present in interview..

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    Re: How to prepare best resume

    You can follow some basic protocols for writing your resume:
    1. Start with communicating that what are you and which kind of offer you want. clearly indicate the position for which you want to apply. Branding is very necessary if you want to take attention of recruiters.
    2. Include your professional and educational details in a proper hierarchy.
    3. Include your special achievements, awards, publications, awards and special courses.
    4. Be professional: Do not include your personal details too much, your resume should be to the point, specific, and should appear professional.
    5. Do not make it more than of two pages- Only keep relevant information.
    6. Using graphics, unnecessary color, font, special characters are strictly prohibited.
    These are some basics, And one last but not the list thing never copy the contents of any other person resume.

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    Re: How to prepare best resume

    I agree with phillipturner.
    Also, make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

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