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Thread: IP address to Layer 2 switch

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    IP address to Layer 2 switch

    IP works in Network Layer. Switch Works in Data Link Layer (I'm talking about layer2 switches only). So, how we give IP address to a layer2 switch ? My question is how a network layer protocol works in data link layer device?

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    Re: IP address to Layer 2 switch

    Let me say that the 2 addys do work together. the mac addy identifites the layer2 switch, while in a way, the ip addy is mutually inclusive in that it identifies the network.
    Now depending on the routing protocol on your router:
    The logical network addy of the destination host is then used to get the packet to a network thru a routed network; then the mac addy of the host is used to deliver it from the layer2 to the correct destination or host

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