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Thread: Hello can Any one Tell Me.

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    Hello can Any one Tell Me.

    How to send Email through

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    Re: Hello can Any one Tell Me.

    Kindly post what you have tried for this.

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    Re: Hello can Any one Tell Me.

    The SmtpMail class can be used to send mails from your VB application. Mail is by default queued on the system, ensuring that the calling program does not block network traffic. The SmtpMail class is defined in the namespace System.Web.Mail. You need to call

    Imports System.Web.Mail

    before you use SmtpMail. This class has only one member function Send. Send sends a mail message. The Send method is overloaded. Either a MailMessage class or four arguments can be passed to the Send message. You can call the Send method in two manners:

    SmtpMail.Send(txtFrom.Text, txtTo.Text, txtSubject.Text, txtMessage.Text)

    Or, if you don't want to call System.Web.Util.

    System.Web.Mail.SmptMail.Send(fromString, toString, SubjeOfTheMailString, MessageOfTheMailString)

    You can call the Send method in two ways.

    1. By passing MailMessage as a parameter,
    public static void Send(MailMessage).
    Here MailMessage is a class.
    Private mailMsg As MailMessage = New MailMessage()
    Private mailMsg.From =
    Private mailMsg.To =
    Private mailMsg.Cc ="
    Private mailMsg.Bcc =
    Private mailMsg.Subject = "SubjectOfTheMailString"
    Private mailMsg.Body = "BodyOfTheMailString"

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