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Thread: Want to know about this command

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    Want to know about this command

    Can someone brief me about the syntax and usage of the command rpm in Linux? If there are options in this command kindly also specify what are all the options and usage of each?

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    Re: Want to know about this command

    First the rpm package must be installed and then operations on this package can be performed. One of the operation namely querying a RPM package gives output about package name,version and details about package.
    say for instance the command
    # rpm -q exfor
    will give details only about package exfor.

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    Re: Want to know about this command

    Rpm package manager (originally red hat package manager, abbreviated rpm) is a package management system for linux distributions. This is capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating computer software packages in linux systems. Some simple and easy commands are:
    to install new application:
    rpm -ivh <applicationname.rpm>
    this will install the application without asking any complex questions to the user like in installing the .tar, .gz files. (u can use -i instead of using -ivh) query if the application is installed properly:
    rpm -q <application name>
    this will show u the details whether it is installed or not. (before installing any application, querying the status of the application is suggested) uninstall the application
    rpm -e <applicationname>
    this will uninstall all the files related to that application.

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