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Thread: Features and Functions of QTP

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    Features and Functions of QTP

    I would like to know in detail about:

    1) Features and Functions of QTP

    2) InBuilt Features? menus Provided by QTP


    Question asked by visitor Asha

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    Re: Features and Functions of QTP

    Features and Benifits of QTP

    1.Operates standalone
    2.Easier maintenance
    3.Powerful data-driving capability
    4.Recognize the objects with Unique Smart Object Recognition

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    Re: Features and Functions of QTP


    1.We can have the use of easy Regular Expressions
    2.Load Function Libraries at Run Time
    3.Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test
    4.Embed/Run Javascript in web pages
    5.Automatically Parameterize Steps

    Some in-built functions of QTP

    1.Asc Function: Returns the ANSI character code corresponding to the first letter in a string.
    2.FormatNumber Function: Returns an expression formatted as a number.
    3.CStr Function: Returns an expression that has been converted to a Variant of subtype String.
    4.TypeName Function: Returns a string that provides Variant subtype information about a variable
    5.ScriptEngine Function: Returns a string representing the scripting language in use.

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