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Thread: Delegate and pointer

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    Delegate and pointer

    Instead of asking a question, it is better to give you an idea of latest interview questions:

    1) What is delegate in .net? is there any difference between delegate and pointer to a function?
    2) What is deep copy and shallow copy?
    3) What is com and com+? Is there any difference between marshal by reference and marshal by object?
    4) What is stack and heap?
    5) What is early binding and late binding?
    6) Can we write and c# language in a programme ? what is ther purpose of x-lang platform?
    7) Briefly explain the purpose of the following assemblies
    a) public
    b) private
    c) interop
    d) satelite

    Question asked by visitor KRISHNENDU MUKHERJEE

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    Re: Delegate and pointer

    Your questions are too vast to explain here. That is beyond the scope of this discussion . Kindly follow a good book or manual on the topic or you can find a lot of related topic by searching on this site itself or by little web searching,

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