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Thread: Guide me on which way I can go

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    Guide me on which way I can go

    I am fresher 07 passed out in BE mechanical engineering, I am very much interested in software field specially in developing, but I know only C language, right now doing the testing course (QTP), some say testing don't have that much growth as developing so kindly guide me on which way i can go

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    Re: Guide me on which way I can go

    You can go either side. there is nothing like there is no growth in Testing. Only doing a course in testing is not enough. You need to practise a lot. You also need to go for manual testing also, because that is the basic.
    If want to go for develpment side only C is not enough ,need to go for a front end like java or .net and atleast one database.

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    Re: Guide me on which way I can go

    Work hard to get a campus placement and let them access what is good for you both areas are equally challengin and full of opportunity as well so don't worry and work hard on your skills like aptitude and english so that you can manage a camplus selection.


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    Re: Guide me on which way I can go

    It is not true that testing have no growth. Testing also play an imp role in the success of any project. If u wanted to go for testing then u have to learn both manual and qtp. IF u want to go for Development then only c is not enought u need to learn so other language also. Along with this u need to be good at reasoning , ability , puzzles etc.

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