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Thread: Five things to test in Usability Testing

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    Five things to test in Usability Testing

    Plz describe the five things that one needs to test in Usability Testing.

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    Re: Five things to test in Usability Testing

    Usability testing is conducted to check with the user-friendlyness of build screens.

    The tests involved in this process are
    1. User interface tests and
    2. Manual support tests

    The tests conducted under user interface include
    1. Checking for the font size and face of the text in the application
    2. Grouping of objects
    3. Caps for initial letters
    4. Borders
    5. Resolution of screens

    The tests conducted under manual support include
    1. The verification of process described in "help" documents matches with the actual process in the application / product.

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    Thanks a lot bvani for helping me. These both replies for my questions are satisfactory. Thanks

    Hi all

    Plz explain me what are the hierachy of Documetations while doing Testing and which Document takes place once Usability testing is done.....Plz reply it is very ungent.

    Thanks a lot bvani. I want ur email Id if u can send me at

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    Re: Main Point in Usability Testing

    Stages involved in the life cycle of the project are :
    functional study - > analysis -> design -> coding ->testing

    stages involved in testing are :
    test initiation - > test plan -> test design -> test execution -> test reporting -> test closure

    documents prepared at each stage of the project life cycle are
    functional study : business requirement specification (brs)(crs), business design documents (bdd)

    analysis : system requirement specifications (srs) , project plan design : high level design document (hldd), functional requirement specifications (frs), use cases, test strategy document

    coding : low level design documents (llldds), build / application , test plan

    testing : test cases , traceability matrix , test log document , defect reports , defect resolutions, updation of traceability matrix, test plan for final regression testing ,

    After test closure user acceptance testing takes place. There are 2 ways of conducting uat 1. Alpha testing 2. Beta testing

    after completion of UAT and further modifications, test leads prepare a final document called test summary report. This consists of
    golden build s/w , test strategy document , test plan document , test case documents, requirements traceability matrix , test logs , bug defect reports (infact all the documents mentioned above)

    test summary report is a part of software release note (srn) given to the customer after release of s/w.

    I found your question to be little vague and did not where to end, but hope this answers all of your questions.

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    Re: Main Point in Usability Testing

    Usability testing forms a part of non functional testing.
    1. Increased productivity
    2. Speed of work
    3. Ease of using
    4. Customer support reduced
    5. Decreased Training costs
    6. Increased customer satisfaction
    7. Increased market life
    Check List :
    1. Page look and feel should be consistent (on all pages)
    2. All controls should fit in the screen size
    3. All controls should be visible in the screen
    4. All Controls should be clearly aligned in the screen
    5. All labels should be clear for vision
    6. All labels should be readable
    7. Windows tool bar support should be there
    8. Fonts/Font size used in the screen should be consistent across the page
    9. Colors used in the page should be consistent
    10. Ability for the user to maximize, minimize, restore and close the windows using those buttons
    11. Window cascading should exists
    12. Ability to maximize and minimize via page header bar
    13. There should be tool tip for each control
    14. There should be support for key board inputs (mouse disconnected and not disconnected)
    15. Support for short cut keys
    16. Check if ‘Tab’ is working proper for cursor movement
    17. Cursor focus over different controls should be appropriate (ie. Cursor focus should move from 1st control to 2nd control and so on when tab key is used)
    18. Tool tips should be there
    19. Tool tips should be clear to user to understand
    20. Scroll bars (horizontal, vertical, any internal scroll bars) should work properly
    21. Scroll bars should appear when page is minimized
    22. Scroll bars should appear when the controls out reach the page size
    23. All the content should fit in the page and should be visible when the window is resized
    24. Any part of the data including data in the sub sections should not go invisible when window resizes
    25. Drop downs should have scroll bar when content is out of the visible region
    26. Drop down values should appear sorted properly
    27. Scroll bar should appear for text boxes when content is long
    28. Combo boxes should be flexible enough to display long values (automatically resizes based on the size of the content)
    29. User should be able to edit the text
    30. Cut, copy and paste functionality should work
    31. Should be able to perform re do on most recent undo task
    32. Undo, Redo functionality should exists
    33. Search functionality in the page
    34. All the links to other pages should work properly
    35. Whenever the list is displayed it should get displayed in sorted format
    36. Sort functionality should work and it should be correct
    37. Mandatory fields should appear with proper indication
    38. Alert message should be clear and understandable
    39. Error messages should be understandable
    40. Information should be placed relevantly in the page (ie. personal details in one section, account details in one section, credit details in one section…)
    41. User should be allowed to see the data in the order in which he want (ie. Ascending or descending, date wise.....)

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