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    Tag Lib....

    In Jsp, How to create Tab lib, pl explain.with example

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    Re: Tag Lib....

    Go through the following url. It is surely give the answer for your question..

    how to add a custom jsp tag library?


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    Re: Tag Lib....

    In order to avoid the Java code from JSPs JavaSoft has provided JSP custom tag-library.
    In JSP standard tag libs (JSTL) we have 4 taglibs they are
    1) jstl core:contains tags like out, set, remove etc which are required as part of every application
    To use the tags of jstl core we have to use the directive like
    <@taglib uri="http:// java . sun . com/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>
    <c:set var="vone" value="11" scope="page"/>
    when this tag is evaluated internally it executes
    vone is the scoped variable name

    2) jstl xml:contains the tags like out,set,remove that deals with xml stuff
    3) jstl sql:contains the tags like setDataSource,query,update... to deal with databases
    4) jstl fmt(i18n):used for the development of i18n web applications

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