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    The Technical difference between rollback and commit?

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    Please See the Link which will help u to know about the Diff. between Rollback and Commit.

    According to me--
    Rollback:- From the Start of the Transaction till the end there may be multiple update Insert etc.. Operations to be performed on Several Tables. And if one of the operation in between the transaction fails , the whole transaction performed with current transaction will be cancelled. this type is required when a change in one table affects several other tables record.

    Commit:-Commit is reverse of the Rollback. This will make the actual changes in the table if all the operations specified in the transaction are executed successfully. if not so, it rollbacks all the changes for that transaction.

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    Re: Db

    Rollback will cancel all the DML operation done earlier. Commit will make the changes permenant.

    If any DDL operation is done, Commit will automatically done.

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