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    Flight Application

    Hello Everyone, this is Praveen I have doubt about Descriptive programming...Can anyone send me the entire descriptive program of Flight Application "starting from Logging in - Opening a order and closing the Flight Reservation Application"
    I have tried upto this after that I am not getting it..can anyone help me...plz

    SystemUtil.Run "C:Program FilesMercury InteractiveQuickTest Professionalsamplesflightappflight4a.exe"
    dialog("Text:=Login").WinEdit("x:=20","y:=59").Set "praveen"
    dialog("Text:=Login").WinEdit("x:=20","y:=116").Set "mercury"
    Window("Text:=Flight Reservation").Type micAltDwn & "F" & micAltUp
    Window("Text:=Flight Reservation").Type micLShiftDwn & "O" & micLShiftUp

    After above program I am not getting to open a order..Plz send me as soon as possible...
    Thank U..
    keepsmiling2108 @ gmail . com

    Question asked by visitor Praveen

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    Re: Flight Application

    Here is the answer for ur question....

    systemutil.Run "C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\samples\flight\app\flight4a.exe"
    Dialog("text:=Login").WinEdit("attached text:=Agent Name:").set "rajaputra"
    Dialog("text:=Login").WinEdit("attached text:=Password:").set "mercury"
    Window("text:=Flight Reservation").Activate
    Window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinButton("window id:=5").click
    Dialog("text:=Open Order").Activate
    Dialog("text:=Open Order").WinCheckBox("text:=&Order No.").set "ON"
    Dialog("text:=Open Order").WinEdit("window id:=1016").set"5"
    Dialog("text:=Open Order").WinButton("text:=OK").click
    Window("text:=Flight Reservation").Close

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    Re: Flight Application

    Good work Raja...
    But Praveen it will do no good to you until you start it by urself its easy to find a solution over the net but i suggest you concentrate on doing it by urself and come up with problems which will be nice to answer and moreover with you working on Flight ,....

    It looks like you r new to QTP so i suggst work hard on your skills work hard on VBScript so that you grow as a complete scripting guy.

    All the very best to you,

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