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Thread: Coding with PL/SQL

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    Smile Coding with PL/SQL

    As we have coding standards can someone tell me whether is there any standards for PL/SQL. If so what are the general PL/SQL standard one has to follow to have a good efficient coding.

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    Re: Coding with PL/SQL

    I read various books and i got one gr8 book with having some standards of PL/SQL coding. I am giving you the book detail as i do not have the soft copy of that. I am givin you some of them are

    V_VariableNmae Programme Variable
    e_ExceptionName User-defined exception
    t_TypeName User-defined Type
    p_ParameterName Parameter to a Procedure or Function
    C_ConstantValue Variable constraines with the CONSTANT clause
    Cursor Name c_cursorname

    Oracle 9i PL/SQL programming
    Scott Urman

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    Re: Coding with PL/SQL


    coding standard is like a bible for any company, so we have to follow it.

    and u can not follow your own coding standard or any coding standard mentioned in books. these standard differ with company. u will be given the document regrding coding standard and that u have to follow.

    i do not think that there is any standard answer for this question.

    if practising at home, just make sure that code should be legible to read. and if anyone is having a look at your code, is in a position to undertand the begin and end of each piece of code.


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    Re: Coding with PL/SQL


    What Mr. Raghav said, its 100% correct.

    Dont worry abt the coding standards.

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