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Thread: Help me write my test case please!

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    Help me write my test case please!

    Hi All!

    I would like the assistance of the experts out there please, in writing a test case. I am relatively new to it.

    My Scenario or example is: I have 2 programs and what they do, is pass messages between them. The 1 might pass a status requestmessage and the other might return the actual status reply message. For the sake of completness, lets say that the status request message can request the status of upto 10(inclusive) events on the other program. Furthermore, the 2nd program will only return a reply if its obviously running and in certain flags are set.

    I have analysed the above situation and i know that i need to do positive and negative testing. I also know that i can use equivalance partioning and boundary value analysis to reduce the amount of test cases i may need.
    I realise that i may need many test do i eliminate them further?

    The next issue i have is when writing a test case, you would specify the steps needed to complete the test case. Most test case steps i have seen before, goes like the example below:
    Step 1-> fill in the filename you would like to view in the "filename" field.
    Step 2-> Click on the "show file" button.
    (expected result: The desired file should be displayed if it exists else an
    error message should be displayed.)

    But what if you have not seen the software yet? How do you know what buttons or textfields there are? And from my research, it is advised to design test cases early in the project, while the software is still being developed! So is this possible?

    In conclusion of my really long query .. I would like to just mention the main questions i would like to pose:
    (1) How can i further reduce the amount of test cases i need as per my scenario above?
    (2) How do i go about writing the steps to test my scenario above if i dont have the software?

    Thanking you all in advance!

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    Re: Help me write my test case please!

    I have thought about my questions above and worked through an example and have come to the following conclusions of what my the steps in my test case might be: (1) start the 2 programs respectively. (lets say the 2 programs are running on 2 different machines.) (2) edit the request status message on machine 1 with the following parameters: message id=0 program state="operational" statusnumberrequest=1 (3) on machine 2, edit a status reply message with following parameters: messageid=0 program state="idle" status1state="ok" (4) send the request status message on machine 1 to machine 2. (5) check if the status request message has reached machine 2 and that the values are as setup above. (6) check if the status reply message has reached machine 1 and that the values are as setup above. (7) close programs respectively. According to my understanding, i will have to run the test above with different parameter values, disconnecting the network and so on. Thats where my question of how many test cases do i need? thanks. Regards,

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    Re: Help me write my test case please!

    check with ur requirements docs and test plan docs... they will be really helpfull...

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