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Thread: Please give a Short and Crisp Answer

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    Please give a Short and Crisp Answer

    A short and crisp answer for the question asked in interview namely what is your idea on success is needed. Waiting for the success of answers in this discussion

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    Re: Please give a Short and Crisp Answer

    There are many ways of answering this question as per each person's viewpoint. But I can give you my viewpoint of answering this question. Each morning I set up target for achieving and I move and take actions with confidence and use my skills and ability to achieve the same. Thus having challenging and innovative goals set and achieving that with team effort built in it is my idea of success.
    Hope the above answer will give you a hint for facing the interview question.

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    Re: Please give a Short and Crisp Answer

    Well i would say ... "success is accomplishing what you aimed or set as a goal 100%"

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