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    Hi all pls tell me how may test cases can we write for login window

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    Re: Testing

    you can write many,but 8 seems like a suffecient number to test all possible real time scaenarios.

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    Re: Testing

    The number of test cases which can be written for login Window depends upon the requirement of the login window. When I say Login window requirement it means what is the login window functionality,components (objects) in the window etc.

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    Re: Testing

    1. Login text box is empty
    2. Passwd text box is empty
    3. min no of characters in passwd
    4. spaces in passwd
    5. spaces in login
    6. special characters in login
    7. special characters in passwd
    8. Both login and passwd are empty
    9. if Login and Passwd are correct the OK button redirects to desired next page
    10. Cancle button either clears both login and passwd or closes login window
    11. Passwd text box is hiding the password by displaying special characters
    12. Title of the login window is depicting exatc message.
    13. uniform fonts on the login window.
    14. Uniform colors to text/ caption of login and passwd text boxes.
    15. appropriate width and height of the text boxes.
    16. appropriate width and height of the OK and Cancel buttons.

    -- Remaining test cases are depending on the other items, if they are there on login window. Such as 'Forgot Password' / 'Remember Me' / 'Passport login' etc. You can have at least 80 test cases w.r.t login window covering the functionality, accesssibility and GUI, End to end scenarios.

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