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Thread: I dont know how to start

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    I dont know how to start

    Hi. I am azhar, BE computer from Goa. I want to get into any software company which will train me and give me a job. my % on the degree is 56 so far. My final semester results arent out as yet. I dont mind starting from a smaller company but I dont know how to start, as most of the companies dont reply back when i apply. and some other ask for 60+ %.please help me

    Question asked by visitor Azhar Khwaja

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    Re: I dont know how to start

    You tell me first why the company will train you and give a job. Are they are fools or is there any shortage of tallent. And scoring 56% is not a great achevment. No one except training centers will reply you back with your current status.

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    Re: I dont know how to start

    Well- I don't quite agree with you debasisdas.

    First of all if you think scoring has something to do with talent always, you can get rid of that thought. A very good friend of mine has Just 65.2 % marks (Barely good enough to qualify) and he got a job in TCS quite easily- he was by far the best C programmer. (And those were the difficult times when there too limited job opportunities).

    Now, getting a job in any of these software companies is literally a joke. A cousine of mine who had 55% marks and had 2 backlogs was selected into HP in this years campus interview!

    The moral of the story is- there is shortage of talent. There is just too huge a demand in the market and the companies are recruiting like crazy.

    So, Azar, keep trying you will surely get a job. If you need any help at all, all you need to do is ask in the forums!

    Good luck mate.


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