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Thread: I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA

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    I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA

    I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA. Now I'am in 3rd sem. Is there any poosibility for me to attend the placements?

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    Re: I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA

    What do you mean by possibility ?
    You tell me what is the problem with you.
    If you are selected , are you supposed to stop your education and join the company, no , it not it.
    What you need to do is clear all backlogs along with the final degree.

    And take care not to have any more back logs in other semesters.

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    Re: I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA

    Hi Dude,

    Well a backlog is nothing! There are just too many opportunities out there - all you need to do is clear all your backlogs before you appear for Campus interviews. That is all.

    Quit worrying and focus on your studies.

    All the best mate.


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