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    need a script example with full syntax also with detail explaination for settoproperty

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    You can modify the properties of the temporary version of the object during the run session without affecting the permanent values in the object repository by adding a SetTOProperty statement in the Expert View.

    Use the following syntax for the SetTOProperty method:

    Object(description).SetTOProperty Property, Value

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    although this is not what you exactely lookin for but since your Q is answered by the above post i just wanted you to have a clear idea abt the properties as this is the major confusion for all.

    The TO and RO property must have confused(or might be still confusing) you at some point of time.This is my attempt to demystify the two with the inputs from various resources.
    Test objects are the objects in your test that represent the objects in your website or application. Runtime objects are the objects in your application during the test run.
    The Test object properties set is created and maintained by QuickTest. The Runtime object property set is created and maintained by the object creator (Microsoft for Internet Explorer objects, Netscape for Netscape objects, the product developer for ActiveX objects, etc.).

    Similarly, Test object methods are methods that QuickTest recognizes and records when they are performed on an object while you are recording a test, and that QuickTest performs when your test runs. Runtime object methods are the methods of the object in your application as defined by the object creator(the developer!). You can access and perform runtime object methods using the Object property.

    hope this will help you in having a clear picture.


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