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Thread: The decision I have taken is correct or wrong

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    The decision I have taken is correct or wrong

    I am a 1994 passout, B.A(Hons) History. I did one year Diploma in Software Management from Aptech, New Delhi which included programming in Foxpro. I have done course in Tally 6.3 version. Also done Shorthand and Typing course. I am having around 10 years of experience in Secretarial/Admin field. Since I wanted to change my career and also software industry is booming, recently I finished Software Testing course from Amitysoft. Please let me know whether the decision I have taken is correct or wrong. How will be my career in Software testing? Will I get good opportunity with the same pay scale what I am getting at present or I will have to start as a fresher

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    Re: The decision I have taken is correct or wrong

    dear hema

    really i dont want to hurt you but the reality is quiet different.
    As per you ,you are having a vast experience in your existing field. But i dont under stand why u want to change at this stage of your life. Please dont get biased by the quiet nu-necessary hype of IT boom. Dont think life of IT peopleis that easy, it look like that from out side.

    Dear having knowledge of an old version of tally,shothand, typing,secretarial job is not going to help you move a single step closer towards testing.
    I don t know who suggested such a thing but your decission is very wrong at this stage of your life.

    Dont think that i am trying to harash you,but that is the reality.

    God bless you
    Thanx and regards

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    Re: The decision I have taken is correct or wrong

    Hema ,

    IT field definitely fetches you good returns provided you get the "first" break from a god father , later as you gain experience, you can earn quite nicely, to caution you , it is not so easy to get a job at entry level while it is not completely impossible , moreover first few years should be tough, i feel there are better opportunities outside like : BPO , medical transcription where handsome salaries are offered

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    Re: The decision I have taken is correct or wrong

    I would first like to appreciate the efforts that you have put in to complete your computer courses. Taking a decision to move into IT field with a non-IT experience of 10 years is simply daring. Your will power is simply appreciable considering the efforts that would be required for change of work field at this age, with a full time job in hand, with non-IT graduation, non-IT experience etc.

    “software industry is booming…” I guess your computer institute counselors may have told you this. Well… I see that you posted this question in July 2007, but software industry was not booming at that time either. It’s been stable and dormant since sometime in the middle of 2006… I guess.

    I can’t tell you if your decision was correct or wrong. I guess you have understood if it was right or wrong in the last 1 year since you have posted your question.

    As a well wisher for all, I hope you are now settling in your new IT job or you are well settled and gained growth in your secretarial/admin field job.

    Lack of WILL POWER has caused more failure than


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