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Thread: Abbreviation 9i and 10g in Oracle

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    Exclamation Abbreviation 9i and 10g in Oracle

    what does i stand for in Oracle 8i and 9i
    and what does g stand for in Oracle 10g

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    Re: Abbreviation 9i and 10g in Oracle

    Hi! Anjali,
    the "i" in oracle 8i & 9i stands for Internet and "g" in oracle 10g stands for Grid. these are the names of oracle database with the new features.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: Abbreviation 9i and 10g in Oracle

    the i stands for INTERNET.
    and it started from version 8i and continued till 9i.
    because till the version 8 there was no support of data manipulation using Internet. And this was introduced in the version 8i.

    and the g stands for GRID
    it was part of 10g ,beause if this version oracle supports GRID architecture.
    This is also continued in the upcoming version 11g. which is expected in a couple of months.

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